The IMA Processes

IMA provides a consolidated service which sees the delivery of complete bespoke event construction, taking design concepts from their initial stages to a fully functioning product ready for installation.

Take a walk through our processes, start to finish, to discover how we can help you at every stage.

Project Management

All of our projects are managed by our team of highly skilled project managers, who orchestrate successful event construction from its initial conception through to the finishing touches. Though we work in conjunction with design and production agencies to deliver a product in line with our clients’ visions, our well-regarded team is here to alleviate the stresses associated with event construction, guiding processes with an expert hand.

3D Visuals

Our enlightening 3D visuals are introduced to clients at an early stage - prior to construction - in order to demonstrate how an event will materialise; stunning 3D visuals help immerse you within the event, enabling you to make informed decisions during initial design consultations. Once approval on the design has been specified, IMA can begin fabricating and sourcing all the necessary elements for the event.

Design for Manufacture

IMA’s dedicated draughtsmen provide design for manufacture, or DFM - taking bespoke concepts from an artist’s impression to an operative product. Once approved, design instructions are fed into CNC machinery, to facilitate a quick and cost-efficient manufacture, completed in-house.

Structural Engineering

Every construction project unfolds under the watchful eye of our structural engineering department, who ensure IMA’s staging designs are constructed to suit safe working practices, and our systems are able to withstand the stresses of their application. 

CNC Machinery

Top-of-the-range CNC (computer numerical controlled) machinery guides our manufacturing processes. CNC machinery is quicker, more efficient, and more accurate than manual machinery, allowing IMA to produce high-quality construction pieces within tight timescales. Undertaken in-house, our team keeps a trained eye on all machining processes, ensuring every product is produced in line with our high standards.

Metal Work

We work with aluminium, steel, and stainless steel within our fabrication department, giving us the flexibility to utilise the most appropriate material for a given project. Our metal working capabilities allow us to produce bespoke frameworks for screens, staging, and set design, as well as facilitating a recyclable system for a greener approach to event construction.


Alongside metal working, our woodworking operations ensure we are able to produce a variety of structural elements for event staging. Our joiners are time served in the events industry, working with high quality materials and CNC machinery which has enabled them an exceptional reputation for their work.


High quality welding is accomplished in-house, with IMA equipped with a state-of-the-art welding facility and an accredited, practised welder for the safe and reliable assembly of our metal infrastructure. Our expansive manufacturing capabilities mean IMA offers a complete construction service under one roof.

Spray Booth

When adding the finishing touches to products, our spray booth allows for better finishes and higher levels of accuracy, dispersing an even coat on products. Pick from a range of colours for a product in line with your visions, produced to the highest standards in a clean environment. 


IMA further offers installation of our products with our dedicated installation team, working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes to erect staging within tight timescales. Our modular, flat pack framing and panelling systems are designed to assist a quick and straightforward erection process.

Alongside installation, IMA can moreover provide removal of our products.