Conference Staging

Host a conference which is focussed, forward thinking, and productive with infrastructure which truly supports your goals.

The design of your venue impacts the success of your conference; ensuring hosts and attendees alike are able to thoroughly participate in the action results in a more beneficial conference for all. This means ensuring good sight lines are provided, that there is sufficient space both on stage and on the floor, and your audience’s attention is focused where you want it, amongst other things.

IMA perfectly balances practicality with creativity when approaching the design and manufacture of conference sets. We work alongside design and production agencies to make certain your venue space is utilised to its full potential, constructing to facilitate a fruitful conference through both staging and set design.

IMA offers a comprehensive service, delivering bespoke event construction including design, manufacture and installation. Our experienced project management team oversees the seamless production of event construction, ensuring products are installed to the expected standard, on time and on budget.

In order to do this, we utilise innovative standardised modular framing systems, which allows for a straightforward erection and disassembly process no matter the requirements of your venue or conference, streamlining processes and allowing us to concentrate on getting the bespoke elements right.

IMA ministers to all size events on a global scale. Established for over a decade, we have the expertise and experience to provide staging which is true to the objectives of your conference.

Why is a stage needed for conference staging?

Staging is used and designed to fill an empty event room; stages are used for most events as they elevate the presenter and performer. Thus, allowing the audience to see, even if they are far away. It also separates the audience from the hosts or presenters - the higher the stage, the more authoritative the speaker seems. Most importantly, however, the audience will feel more engaged because of this. 

What is the difference between conference set design and staging?

Conference set design and staging are both similar and refer to how an event is designed. The stage, lighting, seating and other equipment is chosen and designed based on a company’s specific needs.