Large Format Screen

Engage even the largest of audiences with stunning visuals on a screen that demands attention.

IMA can provide bespoke large format projector screens for all types of large-scale corporate events around the globe, offering our expert advice as to the right type of screen for the requirements of your event.

Our large format screens ensure substantial sized audiences are able to have an unobstructed view of the event, without a depreciation in screen resolution.

Working with design and production agencies to some of the world’s leading brands, IMA has continued to work on time and on budget providing projector screens and more, with minimal interruption to ongoing event construction.

We deliver high quality screen solutions, with tailored screens available, our custom fabric manufactured utilising contacts throughout the UK and Europe for a bespoke screen delivered within the project timescale.

This is supported by IMA’s modular aluminium framework - a lightweight frame to facilitate the quick and convenient construction and disassembly of screens onsite. Our framework has been developed in line with our environmental sustainability goals, enabling us to recycle frames and reduce transportation with a modular structure.

IMA’s outstanding service can be performed worldwide, maintaining the quality and commitment required for a successful event.

What are large format screens?

Large format screens are large projection screens typically used within commercial environments, such as schools, events, and businesses.

What are the benefits of a large format screen?

Using a large format screen as opposed to a standard projection screen ensures:

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    Eye catching - anything that is a large format screen makes a statement and instantly draws attention which is beneficial if you are promoting a product.

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    Great for large scale events - large format screens are perfect for large venues where visibility may be limited, maintaining the quality of image resolution despite the scale.

What factors do you need to consider before choosing which large format screen to use?

Installation requirements. Due to the scale of large format screens, requirements for installation, such as staging construction and structural obstructions, may affect the type of screen you need, for example an angular or flat screen, or front projection or rear.

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    Close or far distance viewing. Whether your large format screen is positioned closer to the audience or further away will affect the resolution which the large format screens will be set at.

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    Indoor or outdoor viewing. Screens need to be able to withstand the elements, as well as promote visibility, in outdoor settings.