Trade Shows Staging

Whether networking or launching a new product, exhibit the best of your business with eye-catching trade show staging.

Trade show staging does not have to follow the ordinary, but should spark the curiosity of your audience with targeted designs which stand out from the crowd.

IMA’s bespoke set construction is designed to highlight the strengths and successes of your business with unique stages and exhibition platforms, whilst our further staging capabilities provide custom set design and graphics to enrich your set.

We offer design for manufacture and installation of staging - a consolidated professional service completely managed by IMA’s project managers for total peace of mind whilst working with IMA.

IMA’s modular aluminium framing and panelling systems can be utilised for trade show staging, posing a lightweight and convenient flat pack alternative to traditional timber framing. Our bespoke and standardised systems are quickly erected and disassembled, perfect for when considering the logistics of the surrounding environment and working alongside other stands. Moreover, these reusable and recyclable systems are cost effective, meaning IMA can oblige all budget sizes.

We have over a decade of experience providing complete set construction for all types and sizes of events, including trade shows. Our reputation regarding the quality of our staff, products, and customer service, means IMA’s services are utilised all over the world, enabled by a robust supply chain and established industry connections.

What do you need to consider when staging a trade show?

The most important thing to consider is how your branding and corporate identity will be conveyed during the exhibit. Your trade show booth should foreground your branding throughout the entire area to increase brand awareness, with the most important elements of your messaging on display, whether this is promoting a new product or brand awareness.

How do you stage a booth for a trade show?

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    Promote your brand. Your logo and company colours should be present throughout your space, ensuring there is one clear theme for your booth and eliminating any confusion for attendees.

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    Incorporate your products into your display. Demonstrate how your products would look or work in real life, allowing attendees to interact with them.

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    Use of lighting and props. Lighting and props can be used to highlight an intricate detail of your display and can also showcase your products.