Set Building

We take a consolidated approach towards event construction, with all processes undertaken by IMA - including bespoke set building.

IMA has extensive design and manufacturing capabilities, with design for manufacture (DFM) enabling us to produce high quality products within a shortened turnaround time. All processes are completed in-house, alongside our structural engineers, ensuring the quality of IMA’s products is maintained at our exceptional standards and clear communication regarding project progression is always available.

With over a decade operating within the event construction industry, IMA has built a robust supply chain and has established industry connections which enable us to bring our clients visions to fruition, no matter how unique.

We always work on time and on budget, with our standardised framework for sets meaning we can focus on perfecting bespoke elements whilst framing can be quickly accounted for with a modular, flatpack design. Our strong and secure staging system is ideal for all types of events, from conferences to car launches and catwalks.

IMA’s complete management of all sized projects aims to alleviate stresses experienced by our clients whilst constructing physical sets. We have a wealth of experience catering to the needs of small and large events alike on a global basis, and have the infrastructure and industry experience to achieve this to the highest standard.

We further provide bespoke backdrops and props for complete staging alongside set building.

What is set building used for?

Set building or construction is the process of creating a visual representation of an environment or scene. Set building is primarily done on stages of events, with the aim of making it look attractive, creative, and eye-catching.

Why is set building important?

Set building helps set the tone of the event. The lighting, graphics and props all play a crucial part in indicating what the audience should expect from the event. It also enhances the experience of the audience, helping them to engage in the action.

Set building can emphasise your company branding. If you are holding a press event, having subtle company touches within your set design reminds the audience who is holding the event, and draws eyes to the important aspects of your messaging and branding.