Rear Projection Screen

Looking for something a little different?

Our rear projector screens project from behind, casting images towards the audience with zero image fidelity loss.

For environments with plenty of space, rear projectors can be a great solution for projecting high quality images whilst still enabling presenters or an audience to move in front of the projector without throwing shadows.

The expert team at IMA can help you find the right solution for your unique requirements, from size and budget, to placement and installation; with over a decade of operation in the industry, IMA is well equipped to provide professional and impartial advice at all stages of the construction process for all types and sizes of events.

IMA provides the hire of our standard and bespoke rear projector screens, alongside transportation, installation, and removal. Working to support some of the world’s biggest brands, our team is experienced in working quickly and quietly behind the scenes for a straightforward construction process.

Our innovative modular framework aids this process. Having developed a lightweight aluminium framework for our projector screens, IMA has been able to streamline our transportation and erection services, whilst reducing our carbon footprint with a recyclable and versatile product.

Do you need a special projector screen for rear projection?

Yes, rear projection is a less common type of projection, and works by diffusing the light as it hits the screen. This is in comparison to frontal projection, which works by reflecting the light, and therefore requires a different screen.

What are the advantages of rear projection?

Despite rear projection not being as frequently used as front projection, there are still several advantages to this method - especially for commercial use.

The main advantage of rear projection is there is no shadow - people are free to walk in front of the screen without blocking the light.

There are also more options for stage and room layouts, since the projectors don’t need to be installed from the ceiling; the projector screen and projector can be placed anywhere.

How does ambient light affect rear projection screens?

Ambient light, otherwise known as natural light, will degrade the brightness of your rear projection, especially if the ambient light is directed onto the screen. It is best to position the rear projector and screen away from windows and light sources where possible.