Sporting Events Staging

Tap into the electric atmosphere of sporting events with staging designed for maximum impact.

With in-house construction and set design capabilities, IMA provides bespoke set construction for sporting events, designing without limits to produce staging which amplifies the atmosphere.

We can produce a variety of unique staging for sporting events, providing both construction and set design for:

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    Presentation stages

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    Winner’s podiums

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    Media backdrops

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    Viewing platforms

Our sport event solutions

Our expert team manages projects from initial design concepts through to installation and removal of staging, ensuring all elements are perfectly executed for the delivery of staging on time and on budget. With a decade of operation in the industry, we have perfected our ability to achieve this, working alongside design and production agencies to realise all types of design concepts, with IMA’s structural engineers on hand to ensure staging is secure for the given application.

IMA is constantly evolving our practices to meet the changing needs of the market. Our innovative modular framing systems for staging ensure we are as cost-effective and time-considerate as possible, reusing and recycling standardised systems, whilst further reducing our carbon footprint for a more environmentally-conscious service.

And thanks to well-established industry connections and a substantial supply chain, our ability to provide bespoke construction for sporting events has global reach.


When is sporting events staging used?

Temporary sporting events staging is used during sporting events to highlight the event itself and any sponsorship deals. Staging is also used prior to and succeeding sports events, for press interviews, presentation stages, and gala dinners.

Staging is also available for eSport events, where televised areas require visual props.

What are the types of staging for sports events?

Our sport event solutions cater to various different sports events. Whether you play football, rugby, hockey, basketball, or something else; we can help bring your audience to the action by creating an immersive experience. Our technicians are here to help implement the right audio, lighting and video equipment to ensure your event runs flawlessly.

Depending on the requirements, there are numerous staging possibilities. Full set construction may be required for indoor staging, preparing a whole room with graphic wall panels, props and lighting.

On the other hand, staging for outdoor events may only require a stage and presentation board or backdrop for placement amongst the action.