Exhibition Stands

Distinctive exhibition stands that attract, educate and engage. Achieved within a singular, stress-free process.

IMA Solutions specialise in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of custom exhibition stands. Our work for the exhibition industry is effective in helping you stand out from the crowd and attract your audience’s attention.

From impactful, dynamic structures, to personalised branding, our high-end stands are carefully created, assembled and fully managed by our expert team, who work with you throughout the whole process.

We can do this for exhibitions held across the globe, for the very largest corporations to smaller businesses, including those within the following sectors:

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    Hospitality, Food and Beverages

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Our full production service is designed to fulfil the most demanding of specifications for outstanding exhibition stands under one roof. The specialist IMA team is versatile in delivering upon the design, logistics, build, and storage elements of your exhibition, allowing you to focus entirely on your event.

Take a look at our capabilities in more detail below…

Design and Visualisation

We can bring even the largest of ideas to life with skilful execution.

IMA’s design and visualisation capabilities promote transparency and clarity from the very beginning. See your ideas brought to life with the latest technology and 3D DWG plans – curating detailed digital models of your stand.

Once your design has been approved, IMA begin manufacture of your exhibition stand in-house, using our wide range of state-of-the-art automated machinery for precision, time-efficiency, and quality.

Planning and Logistics

IMA’s extensive planning and logistics capabilities mean we can manage the complete process of producing your exhibition stand.

From the provision of your bespoke stand, to printed graphics, flooring, furniture, lighting and cable management, as well as Audio Visual equipment, IMA can deliver the total solution through our in-house capabilities and well-established, trusted industry connections.

Our logistics management services complement the streamlined approach we take to exhibition construction. From the delivery of structures and décor, to their removal at the end of the event, as well as budget management for all types of budgets, IMA Solutions works efficiently and professionally within your environment.

Health and safety assessments are further available where required to ensure your exhibition stand is compliant with regulation.

Onsite Management and Build

Our installation team works quickly and quietly within your exhibition venue to erect your stand, printed graphics, and signage.

Thanks to venue contacts within the exhibition sector, we have a deep familiarity of venues, ensuring we can set up for any additional needs you may have. This includes any water-waste and electrical requirements for your stand.

The successes we’ve achieved for clients within the conference sector has solidified our understanding of conference and exhibition work, allowing for seamless onsite management and manufacture of your exhibition stand.

What about storage?

For those requiring storage of their exhibition stand and auxiliary stand elements, IMA can further provide this service. Our storage arrangements ensure your stand elements are safely and reliably delivered on time and as expected to the venue, for a hassle-free event experience.

What makes a successful exhibition?

The key to a successful exhibition is an eye-catching and unique design that makes an impact on your audience. Once you’ve caught their eye, your exhibition stand should engage your audience – this can be done through interactive experiences; on-brand, consistent messaging; clear and legible contact information; and much more.

How do you plan an exhibition stall?

When planning your exhibition stand, firstly consider its functionality – for example, whether it will be used as an informational meeting space; an interactive space; or for product display and demonstration.

Designs can then be planned around this, making the most of the space available, and always remembering to use your company colours to strengthen your branding.