Front Projection Screen

Cast outstanding high-quality visuals with our professional front projector screens for the events industry.

IMA’s front projector screens are available to hire either as bespoke or standardised pieces. The flexibility of our service means we are guided by the needs of our clients; whether looking for smaller, lightweight, off-the-shelf screens, or large format bespoke products, our expert team can help you determine exactly what you need.

We cater to all size events, and all size budgets, with screens manufactured from cotton canvas, filled cloth, or front projection screen material, for a range of material quality and cost. Our fabrics are procured from across the UK and Europe for an exceptional finish.

IMA’s pioneering lightweight, modular aluminium framing system is utilised for ease of installation and transportation. This unique framing system means our team can quickly assemble and disassemble screens with minimal interruption to the construction of the event, working quickly and quietly behind the scenes. This system also enables us to reuse and recycle products, helping us meet our ever-growing sustainability goals.

Once assembled, our high-quality and reliable screens speak for themselves, projecting stunning images which capture an audience.

With over a decade of establishment in the event construction industry, IMA’s commitment to the successful launch of an event, on time and on budget, has enabled us to perfect our services and products, achieving complete customer satisfaction every time.

We can do this across the globe, utilising global relationships and industry connections to facilitate our comprehensive service.

What is front screen projection?

Through the use of a folded lens optic placed in front of a projector screen, light is angled so that it is directed onto a screen surface. This allows the projector to be set up closer to the screen surface which reduces the chance of an object or user intersecting the light path and creating a shadow.

Should a front projector be centralised in front of the screen?

Ideally, yes. This helps the way the image is projected on the screen, ensuring the highest quality.

There are some cases where the projector can only be placed off centre (e.g., if there is an object in the way). In this case it would be highly beneficial if the projector has a horizontal lens shift range. The image projected onto the screen will be the exact same as if the projector was directly centralised.