Corporate Event Staging

Making corporate conferences and live events memorable for all involved.

With IMA’s experienced team working alongside design and production agencies, we ensure your corporate events are constructed in the best way to facilitate a successful and memorable night.

Over our past ten years of operation, we have provided construction for all types of corporate events, including:

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    Award evenings and gala dinners

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    Product exhibitions

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    Media events

IMA supplies full project management for the complete production of corporate event staging as led by our team of dedicated project managers, who facilitate open and responsive communication to ensure we meet project requirements within given timescales.

IMA’s comprehensive services include in-house design, manufacture, and installation of custom event staging. Our range of standardised integral items, including framework and panelling, are designed to promote time and cost-efficiency, enabling us to perfect custom elements which demand our attention, whilst reducing our carbon footprint with reusable and recyclable products.

We can do this for events both large and small, delivering high-quality, reliable products for all sized budgets. IMA’s dedication to fulfilling project briefs with our innovative engineering and design capabilities, no matter the type of event, is why we are trusted and utilised by companies all over the world.

What is corporate event staging?

Corporate event staging is an event which is organised or funded by a company; this could be for many reasons, be it promotional, social, or charitable.

Staging corporate events involves ensuring the event is constructed in line with the event theme and company branding, with graphics, props, lighting, and sound all considered a part of staging.

How can stage design impact your corporate events?

As a business you want to keep your audience engaged throughout the entire event; event staging plays a role in this, helping to excite or inspire audiences. Factors such as lighting, graphics and audio will be tailored so it is in line with the overall message of the event. Staging is also critical in enabling the audience to view what is happening on stage, helping them to further engage in the event.

What are the benefits of corporate event staging?

Staging is essential for corporate events, with some of the benefits being:

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    Creatively transform space

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    Promotes branding

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    Draws attention to a central point

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    Establishes an atmosphere

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    Encourages engagement

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    Ensures main activities are visible