Revolutionizing Event Production: The Benefits of Modular Stage Systems

Modular stage systems are fast becoming the new way of constructing event staging quickly and easily for all types of events – large and small.

But what is modular staging, and how can it help simplify your event design and construction?

Modular stage systems: what are they?

Modular staging systems refer to deconstructed, portable multi-level event stage infrastructure, which is designed to be quickly and easily constructed and assembled into a complete platform onsite. They are versatile and can be customized to suit the specific needs of the event or performance. They can be arranged in different shapes and sizes through the use of interchangeable components and accessories, such as a variety of finishes, stage decks, risers, step units, ramps and safety handrails. This allows for easy customization and adaptability for different events and venues.

Modular systems are provided as individual components, rather than a pre-assembled structure or a structure which has to be entirely built onsite – this offers greater convenience in terms of delivery and construction compared to traditional existing stage systems.

However, modular stage systems still offer the same quality as traditional staging systems – they are heavy weight-bearing, stable platforms which catch the eye of all audience types.

Why use a modular stage system?

Modular stage systems are often preferred over traditional construction methods because of their many benefits. Modular staging systems offer:

Easy transportation and storage

Modular sections are light weight, and easier to transport than platforms which need to be completely built onsite or are transported as partially complete structures. This also decreases the environmental impact created by transportation vehicles.

Quick set up and deconstruction

Modular systems are built for quick and easy construction and configuration, perfect for events adhering to tight project installation timescales. Because these module frames are easily assembled and disassembled, they can be compactly stored on transport trolleys, preventing empty units from lying around between uses.

Strength and quality

The high-quality strength and quality of modular stage platform does not differ from traditional staging, with modular structures offering the appropriate durable strength for their applications, whether used for catwalks or car shows. This durability makes them cost-effect and good value for money.

Lightweight modular stage design

Compared to traditional timber or plywood structures, our lightweight stage decks and modular aluminium structures are easy to handle, meaning they can be handled with a decreased labour force, so that fewer hands are required on site.

Customisable features

If you're a stage designer, a modular solution is the choice for you. They are completely customisable and highly versatile, making them suitable in a variety of settings. We offer a wide range of systems that can be made to your necessary layout, tier, height and length.

Benefits of Modular Stage Systems
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What is Modular Staging

What is modular stage design used for?

 Modular stages can be used for a variety of applications where a raised platform is required. Some of these applications include:

Corporate event staging

Corporate events are events sponsored by a company; they may require modular stage systems for a professional platform to host conferences, award evenings, or team building activities.

Trade shows staging

Trade shows provide an environment for networking and promoting new or existing products. Trade shows staging should complement the product on display, whilst attracting the eye of both potential investors and consumers.

Sporting events staging

Sports events can be held for the hosting of a live competition or for the events which occur prior to and following a competition. Sports events may require staging for presentations and winner’s podiums, amongst other things. Dynamic staging can be created with modular units to ensure staging is suitable for the event.

Conference staging

Conferences allow groups of people to discuss matters of interest. Conference staging should provide a platform which is conducive to clear audio and enables unobstructed lines of sight for successful and productive presentations.

Seminar staging

Seminars are held for academic discussions, and may require staging in order to structure and drive the conversation. Seminar staging should highlight the key speakers for the audience, so that the seminar can be participated in by all.

Overall, modular stage systems offer the perfect solution for creating stunning and safe stage platforms for all kinds of events, from concerts and performances to conferences and exhibitions. They offer versatility, durability, convenience, and quality in a single package.

Your event can be anything from an exhibition, a company's annual event, a seminar, or a sporting event, using modular pieces to design and build your event stage can help you save money while also accelerating and simplifying the process. With years of manufacturing event bespoke backdrops and stages experience, IMA's specialist team can offer guidance and support for all of your projects aims.