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06 2019

Adobe Summit

Adobe is an unmissable event for creative leaders from across the globe.

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Google Next

For the builders, Analyzers, Designers, Collaborators & Innovators, say hello to tomorrow.

Blue Tri


Xerocon London

The world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders.


We work alongside design & production agencies to deliver large scale, cost effective, modular, flexible screen solutions for conference events around the globe.

your vision

Creative construction & full-scale set development solutions are at the heart of our expertise. With over a decade of passionate design and construction solutions, we create memorable events exactly how our clients envision.

without limits

Our bespoke, specialist framing support system is used globally as a fast, secure & cost-effective alternative to event panelling systems, able to support heavy screens and stands as wide as the largest conferences.

  • Bulletpoint Shape

    Quick to assemble

  • Bulletpoint Shape

    Modular design, extends to any width

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    Lightweight and durable

  • Bulletpoint Shape

    Flat pack design - reduced transit size

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    Global network of suppliers

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    Delivered anywhere, on-time

Trusted with cost, quality, speed & sustainability across the globe

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve created the best modular framing system for any event. Guaranteed cost effectivness with reduced installation time due to it’s flatpack nature.